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We're Chassam and we specialise in working with businesses who are looking to add to their tech and digital teams. We're a bunch of techie recruitment specialists and look at all roles from IT, to software development, to digital marketing - you name it, we cover it! 

If you are looking for a new role, we can most definitely help. Please get in touch with the team straight away on 0161 870 6018 or drop us an email to info@chassamrecruitment.co.uk!



  • We first encountered Becca via the “usual” channels for recruitment; a telephone call and discussion about a few roles we were struggling to fill. Unlike most of the calls I get, however, Becca displayed a keen interest in discovering what we were...

    Kevin Evans - CTO

  • Kate started last week and she's fitting in very well. She's confident and competent with PPC and we're all looking forward to getting to know her better - thanks for the perfect candidate!! Cheers, Russell

    Perfect Candidate!

  • Becca has been fantastic to deal with, balancing both the candidate’s needs & abilities with our own, rather than trying to fit square pegs into round holes. A pleasure to deal with.

    Alex - SEO Manager

  • Vicki spent considerable time understanding my needs, and was keen to find out what was right for me rather than just gather the basics. She communicated regularly throughout the process, and kept me well informed on progress and relevant issues. ...

    A Refreshing Approach

  • I have worked closely with Becca Woods for the past several months while searching for new working opportunities. Since day one, I have been consistently impressed by Becca’s work ethos, positive attitude, and professionalism on the job. Not only ...

    Thank you!