We first encountered Becca via the “usual” channels for recruitment; a telephone call and discussion about a few roles we were struggling to fill. Unlike most of the calls I get, however, Becca displayed a keen interest in discovering what we were really looking for and finding the right people for us, and had suggested candidates on the very tip of her tongue – a difference significant enough, when compared to the rest of the agencies who call, for me to place Chassam on our PSL and open some vacancies to her. We have been delighted with the service we got on those roles, the candidates we hired (we filled all the positions through Becca) and subsequent roles we’ve opened too, from a Business Analyst which we’d struggled to fill for some time and for which Becca managed to find us good people in the right salary range. If I have one regret, it’s that we didn’t encounter each other earlier – I’m pretty sure it would have streamlined much of the recruitment I’ve had to do this year if we had. I’ve hired around 40 people into our York office over the last 6 months – and as anyone who’s worked with recruitment will already know, that means that word gets around and dozens of recruiters call trying to place people and impress recruiting managers. Added to 15 years of hiring people you get (whether you like it or not!) a very broad, sweeping knowledge of who’s out there in the recruitment market. It’s pretty telling – and probably the highest recommendation that I can give – that I’m moving on to a new role and Becca is one of only two agents I’ve specifically asked to stay in touch for my future recruitment needs.

Kevin Evans - CTO

Kate started last week and she's fitting in very well. She's confident and competent with PPC and we're all looking forward to getting to know her better - thanks for the perfect candidate!!



Perfect Candidate!

Becca has been fantastic to deal with, balancing both the candidate’s needs & abilities with our own, rather than trying to fit square pegs into round holes. A pleasure to deal with.

Alex - SEO Manager